****** edit***** Nestled in the picturesque Pemberton Valley, Pemberton is a captivating destination for photographers seeking a serene and authentic experience. Surrounded by majestic mountains, fertile farmlands, and pristine lakes, Pemberton offers a diverse range of natural landscapes to explore and capture. Photographers can frame the lush greenery of its agricultural fields, the reflection of snow-capped peaks in its clear lakes, and the untouched wilderness of its surrounding forests. The town itself boasts a welcoming atmosphere with its local shops, charming cafes, and friendly community, providing ample opportunities for candid shots and authentic storytelling. Pemberton's unique blend of natural beauty and small-town charm makes it an ideal destination for capturing the quiet splendors of rural life and the awe-inspiring grandeur of nature.

Lakeside Park, Stone Circle & Open Air Cabin

Versatile - Includes: Lake, Dock, Grass, Path, Trees, Smaller Mountains, Stone Circle, Stone lookout & Log cabin in case of rain

Creekside Lookout & Olympic Rings

Stunning/ Little piece of Whistler - Includes: Field, Trees, River, Olympic rings, Stunning view, unsure of access during winter months as I have not shot here during the winter. If chosen, will contact Whistler mountain to find out more.

Rebagliati Park

Love of nature & towering trees - Includes: Rushing river, WoodenBridge, treed pathway, open area (beautiful when it has snowed)

Nicklaus North + Spit

Wide open spaces - Includes: Lake, grassy path, view of mountains, wooden bridge/ walk way, open sandy spit. 

Frozen lake in the winter months.

Nita Lake

Deep & Rich colours - Includes: Lake & Dock, Pathway, covered & enclosed bridgeway, railroad tracks, View of mountain, 

small beach short walk away.

Rainbow Park

Mountain View - Includes: Both Whistler & Blackcomb mountain backdrop, Lake, 2 docks, beach, log heritage homes, bridge,

forest paths.

Whistler Village

Ski town feel - includes: shops, walkway, brick backdrops, Whistler Mountain. 

Can include unique photos outdoors on a patio or other fun ideas we could explore. Very close walk to Rebagliati park.