Whistler, located in the Canadian Rockies, is a fantastic destination for photographers. The natural landscapes, including mountains, forests, and lakes, offer diverse and captivating subjects throughout the year. In winter, the snow-covered slopes and outdoor activities provide dynamic scenes, while spring and summer bring colorful wildflowers and serene lakeshores. The village itself, with its cozy architecture, adds charm to the overall ambiance, making it a rich environment for photography enthusiasts seeking a variety of subjects and experiences.

Lakeside Park, Stone Circle & Open Air Cabin

Versatile - Includes: Lake, Dock, Grass, Path, Trees, Smaller Mountains, Stone Circle, Stone lookout & Log cabin in case of rain

Creekside Lookout & Olympic Rings

Stunning/ Little piece of Whistler - Includes: Field, Trees, River, Olympic rings, Stunning view, unsure of access during winter months as I have not shot here during the winter. If chosen, will contact Whistler mountain to find out more.

Rebagliati Park

Love of nature & towering trees - Includes: Rushing river, WoodenBridge, treed pathway, open area (beautiful when it has snowed)

Nicklaus North + Spit

Wide open spaces - Includes: Lake, grassy path, view of mountains, wooden bridge/ walk way, open sandy spit. 

Frozen lake in the winter months.

Nita Lake

Deep & Rich colours - Includes: Lake & Dock, Pathway, covered & enclosed bridgeway, railroad tracks, View of mountain, 

small beach short walk away.

Rainbow Park

Mountain View - Includes: Both Whistler & Blackcomb mountain backdrop, Lake, 2 docks, beach, log heritage homes, bridge,

forest paths.

Whistler Village

Ski town feel - includes: shops, walkway, brick backdrops, Whistler Mountain. 

Can include unique photos outdoors on a patio or other fun ideas we could explore. Very close walk to Rebagliati park.

Meadow Park

Mountain Views - Includes: Both Whistler & Blackcomb mountain backdrop, River, pathway with tall trees.

Easy parking & short walk to location.

Up Top - Gondola ride

High up Mountain Views - Includes: valley view backdrop & mountain backdrop, trees & gondola ride up and down photos.

Easy parking & short walk to location.

Ticket cost is approx. $107-120 for sightseeing passes. Will need to cover the cost of photographers ticket