Ripples in the water.

When "I do not want awkward posed shots" appears in my email as a response to me asking a client to provide any other information I may need to provide a perfect product for them... I get a little giddy inside. Now you're speaking my language! I have to admit, I am not good with verbal direction (with posing & being the passenger in a car) So during these Covid infused times, I am finding this more difficult. Getting up close and personal has really helped me to show my clients how I would like them rather than telling them verbally. But we ADAPT! I knew going into this shoot that I would direct a few and the rest I would let unfold as the two littles threw rocks in the water to watch the ripples & sticks in the rapids to see who's went faster. A game of tag your knees, a little dance with her momma & me climbing into some decently chilly water later.... you will see below what unfolds when you step back and just observe (not unlike throwing a stone in the water and watching the ripples progress).

These are always my favourite images, and usually my families feel the same. During these times, I have been given a new found push towards gently directing & then stepping back to let the poses come naturally. Enjoy some captures from this beautiful little family below!