Sometimes you're taken off guard

The morning of this session I was expecting a beautiful sunrise to shine down & the beautiful backdrop of Mount Currie to make its presence for their photos... but as I headed out my front door I was met with the thickest fog I had ever seen. Now I am used to being thrown for a loop with weather, rescheduling or just rolling with it - but I had never been met with fog like this before. After arriving to our spot and seeing the frost covered field and the subtle matting of the trees in the backdrop I was met with such excitement - this session was going to be SO different than all the others I have shot. Being as it was so cold the littles started to get uncomfortable & the best solution? Hot chocolate & Cookies at the local farm. We headed over to North Arm Farm in Pemberton BC and I decided to keep shooting. I am so very glad that I did and I am so happy to share the images below.

Sometimes things you think are going to be a detriment or difficult to work with are the things you are most proud of overcoming - and more often than not the beauty of the unknown presents itself.